We're lovers of all things natural, so, naturally we came to realize the beautiful combination that gardens and crystals make. Both come from mother earth and they compliment each others aesthetic. We're working to bring this wonderful duo together in gardens of all shapes and sizes around the country. 

Why Crystal Gardener?

  • Crystals are quickly moving beyond a trend and becoming a staple in home and garden decor
  • The crystal industry is currently a $5 billion dollar segment and growing rapidly as millennials and Gen Z enter the market
  • Strong margins and excellent retail dollars per square foot
  • Impulse driven and non-perishable 
  • Collectable and promote repeat purchases

How to use Crystal Gardener with plants?

  • Unique natural top dressing
  • Mix and match with container colors
  • Mix and match with foliage colors
  • Add as an accent to any arrangement
  • Implement as a checkout purchase

What are the benefits of Crystal Gardener?

  • Brings natural colors into space aesthetic 
  • Adds a touch of organic decor to any style of garden
  • Truly unique as no stone is the same
  • Healing properties according to many users
  • Excellent conversation starters

What would you like to know?

If you have any questions about our crystals or regarding a custom order, please reach out and someone from our team will get in touch within 24 hours.